Tombo at home

Since 2014 we have made it our ambition to make it known to the UK and Europe that there is so much more depth and flavour to be discovered within the world of green tea than what is commonly known and that the health benefits that come along with it are just a great added bonus too! Having struggled to find genuine Japanese green teas here in the UK we formed a partnership with top family-run tea estate Maruyama-Seicha who are based on the foothills of Mt.Fuji, Shizuoka an area famous for growing the finest green tea leaves. Maruyama are a family run tea estate established almost a century ago. It’s a 4th family generation business and their burning desire for harvesting the best green teas in Japan shines bright. The estate is based in Shizuoka which is infamous in Japan for growing the best green teas. It’s the equivalent to Bordeaux in wines! With Maruyama we directly import a range of beautiful Japanese green teas and matcha, that you can try in our cafes or buy online. We also offer wholesale tea & matcha. To find out more please visit our website

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